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Class begins with centering. During this time, yoginis learn about the theme of the day and share what they know. From there, yoginis do a warm-up, read an e-book that relates to the daily theme, and then practice yoga. Class concludes with a reflection activity.
Yes to all! Mission Propelle partners with all school types – public, charter, private, home-school collectives – as well as community centers and yoga studios. We work with principals and coordinators to ensure our program accommodates your unique student population. E-mail Annie for program details and pricing:
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Mission Propelle has created 100 original e-books for grades K-5.

Occasionally, girls may read the same book in different sessions. We do our best to avoid overlaps, but sometimes it’s fun to revisit an old favorite.

In most cases, no.

Mission Propelle is specially created for girls! As one parent explains, “The program that MP offers goes much beyond yoga and I think, for many girls, the comfort of being surrounded by fellow girls, is a key element.”

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Yes, she can participate. We will reinforce concepts from previous grades, but the lessons and curriculum for her new grade will be completely new. Each grade-level theme aligns to the issues that girls face as they grow.
No. Nothing in our curriculum approaches religious teaching. You won’t find religious iconography or spiritual teachings in our classes. If you’re concerned about this, please e-mail and we can schedule a time for you to observe a class.
Nope! Mission Propelle‘s teaching team mirrors the diversity of the girls whom we mentor. We come from all different backgrounds, beliefs, and professions — we are teachers, lawyers, therapists, journalists, and counselors. But most importantly, we are sisters on a mission to unlock the leadership potential in young girls.

Before earning lead teacher credentials, all Mission Propelle instructors complete observations, participate in trainings, log apprenticeship hours, and undergo thorough evaluations.

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