Spring 2014 Registration OPEN!


Registration is open for the following schools:

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OPEN! Closes April 1st.
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Open! Class starts April 3rd and 4th
Check with the school’s office for registration. Closes March 24th.
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Registration closes March 24th!
Closed for Spring Session 1 – check back in a few weeks for Session 2!
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Check Right At School website for registration information
Check with Right At School for more information
Check Right At School website for more information
Register for the new Northside Campus today!





Additional school registrations coming soon

Check our registration page for new school partners!

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  1. Julie knipstein

    Heidi Stevens’ article said you are teaching in Western Springs. Where are the classes being held? I’d love to sign my daughter up!

    1. smartypantsyoga

      Hi Julie!

      Great to hear from you and thank you for the support. We would love to empower your daughter! We are currently finalizing the schedule for the classes in Western Springs but we anticipate to hold class Monday afternoons at Initially Ewe (starting in June). We have a class at Clarendon Hills Park District next Friday, April 18th (spring break) from 10:00-11:15 and have 2 camps there this summer. You can find more info here: http://www.clarendonhillsparkdistrict.org/Publications/Brochure/CHPD-Brochure.pdf (page 20).

      Also feel free to email annie@smartypantsyoga.com for more information!

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